PMN has made strategic investments in three public broadcasting ventures: National Public Broadcasting, Public Interactive, and The Digital Network.

National Public Broadcasting: In the mid-1990s, PMN became a charter investor and equity partner in National Public Broadcasting, a for-profit public television and radio underwriting sales organization located in Boston and New York City that solicited corporate underwriting to enhance local station revenue and program support. After enabling the launch and development of this national underwriting sales venture, PMN sold its shares back to the firm three years later. 

Public Interactive:  In 2000, PMN became an equity shareholder in Public Interactive®, a leading integrated Application Service Provider (ASP) of on-line collaborative tools, community engagement technologies, content syndication services and member and audience relationship management systems for the public broadcasting industry. Public Interactive became a subsidiary of Public Radio International (PRI) and is now operated by NPR Digital Services.

The Digital Network:  In 2004, PMN became an equity shareholder in The Digital Network (TDN), a nationwide datacasting network application, operations, and management firm headquartered in Dallas Texas. TDN was established to operate and market both a business network and technical network offering comprehensive DTV datacasting solutions and opportunities for revenue-generation.