In 2007, the Pacific Mountain Network (PMN) initiated an annual competitive PMN “Enhancement Grant” award to help support the development of innovative and original content for any of the media platforms used by PMN stations (broadcasting, Internet-based, or related educational media objectives that would be of special benefit and interest to PMN member stations.

Enhancement Grants have been awarded to: KUED (The Long Walk, Tears of the Navajo); KVPT (Latina Lens); KCTS (Scam Busters-Fighting Fraud); KUED (Five Rivers-Five Voices); Arizona Public Media (Seeking Water From The Sun); Montana/PBS (Indian Relay Project); KUED (The Return of the Wolves, the Next Chapter); KVIE (Workin’ Man Blues); KUED (Healing the Warrior’s Heart); Rocky Mountain PBS (RedPower); and KUED (Mountain Rescuers). 

To qualify for possible funding, interested PMN member stations must submit a written preliminary proposal for receipt which includes the following:

  1. Name and address of the applicant organization;
  2. Name and title of the organization's authorized representative and primary contact;
  3. Telephone number, fax number and e-mail address;
  4. Applicant's federal tax (IRS) identification or Social Security number;
  5. A two-page executive summary of the proposed overall project scope and budget, its relationship to the PMN mission, and how the enhancement grant would benefit the special interests and programming priorities of the PMN membership (and other public television stations);
  6. Applicants may be requested to provide a more detailed project description and expanded budget detail (limited to no more than 5 pages)
  7. The anticipated project start date, end date, and other relevant project milestones and deliverable dates;
  8. Summary bios of the principal project leadership and key staff;
  9. Signature of authorized representative and signature date.

The PMN Executive Council will review and consider competitive grant applications in April and will reach an award decision by the end of May in each year.

Grant proposals should be submitted electronically to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.